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visalia Water Polo Academy

SOVA Coach Clearance - Initial Screening
Event:  VUSD Middle School Water Polo Program

Welcome to the SOVA Coach Clearance procedure to participate in our Visalia Water Polo Academy coaching opportunities.  This opportunity is the VUSD Middle School Water Polo Program.  This program is funded through the Visalia Unified School District's Expanded Learning Opportunities Program (ELOP).  South Valley Water Polo Club has been contracted by VUSD to create, initiate and manage the VUSD Middle School Water Polo Program.

You have been invited to this online portal because you are being considered for a coaching position for our program.  Below we will provide you with a general overview of the process and a qualifying questionnaire to start the potential hiring process.

The coach's compensation is $25.00/HR.  The Saturday schedule is 2 hours of coaching practice. You also coach 1 to 3 games on Saturday which are compensated at 1 hour each.  Expect to be scheduled for between 3 and 6 Saturdays during the 8-week program. The program runs from September 2nd thru October 28th

In the initial season of the program, it is unknown what the ratio of attendance will be based on gender or school affiliation. Therefore, teams will be created as coed with equal gender distribution and assessment of the size and skills with equal distribution of those athletes among the teams. There will be no specific gender or school affiliation teams.

Please read through the general requirements below and then complete the online screening form.  If you don't currently meet the requirements we will work with you to see what we can help you accomplish to get qualified before mid-August.

General Requirements

All cleared and approved coaches will be hired by SOVA as independent contractors (1099 employees).  Here is the general process:

1. You will be required to meet VUSD requirements for a Live Scan fingerprint and background check.

2. You will be required to meet the ELOP education level requirements:  All contractors/vendors/employees that teach/supervise students in an after-school program must meet paraprofessional requirements under the Every Student Succeeds Act.  Here are the education requirements:

* ​High school diploma or the equivalent, and

* Two years of college (48 units), or

* A. A. degree (or higher), or

* Pass a local assessment of knowledge and skills in assisting in instruction.
  (VUSD will administer and score this test at no charge.)

3. As a SOVA 1099 contractor you must meet the coverage requirements of our General Liability Policy, they will be covered in your contractor application.


4. You must have a SafeSport background check through either USA Water Polo or American Water Polo. If you are not currently cleared for VUSD coaching, or for USA Water Polo then you will need to provide proof of certifications for Water Safety, First Aid/CPR/AED, Concussion, Heat Illness, and Mandated Reporter.


5. You will sign a 1099 Employee agreement that includes a non-compete covering the duration of the event for which you are performing duties for SOVA.


6.  Your application, background information, and coaching history will be verified, then reviewed and presented to the SOVA Board of Directors for approval.


7. You will receive a SOVA - Visalia Water Polo Academy coaching shirt to be worn on the deck while coaching. It is important that staff is clearly and easily identified.


8. You will receive a Coach's Handbook that will have the program schedule, training goals for each practice session, and training sequence for each practice. It will also define student safety issues, monitoring responsibilities, and facility access policies for non-program individuals (BOKRIM). We will be processing a large number of young student-athletes so organization and planning are crucial.


9. Our goal is to hire coaches in excess of what is needed on the deck each Saturday.  After the hiring process is complete, you will receive an initial schedule with the Saturdays you have been assigned.


10. There will be two coach's meetings prior to the first Saturday of the program on September 2nd.

11. We will confirm your information from the screening form (below) and then follow-up with you to start clearing issues and get you a contractor application.

Please provide us with the following information:
I have a current USAWP Coach Membership
Currently cleared HS Coach?

Thank you! We'll be in touch with the next steps.

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