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6/8 Sports Skills Challenge

Magnum Athletics Management (MAM) is enthusiastic about offering the 6/8 Skills Challenge in conjunction with Water Polo Clinics and as a stand alone event.  The results of the challenge are recorded in the 6/8 Sports Mobile Application where the athlete can compare their Challenge Assessment Score to themselves and other participating athletes throughout their entire playing career.

6/8 Sports is a company founded by: 

#6 Maggie Steffens

Founder, 6-8 Sports

2-time Olympian; 2-time Gold medalist; 3-time NCAA Champion. Named the best female water polo player in the world by FINA. Current Team USA captain and playing professionally abroad in Spain. Stanford MS & BS.

#8 Tony Azevedo

Founder, 6-8 Sports

5-time Olympian. Silver medalist. 4-time MVP NCAA/Pete Cutino & Stanford Grad. International superstar. Regarded by many as the best water polo player of all time. Former Team USA Captain and key member of professional squads in Italy, Croatia, Montenegro & Brazil


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